Freedom of speech is something authorized to every person. No matter if they are rich or poor, young or old, every person holds different opinions and they are allowed to express it. We are individuals, we are all different. We all have different ideas, tastes and thinking.  So if we are comfortable with each others freedom of speech then why do we hate someone who is just saying his opinion?

The definition of „freedom of speech“ has completely changed nowadays. You don’t have the right to express your opinion because if you do that you get abused by just saying what you think. You are called a racist or sexist for no reason.

It is good to say your opinon as long as you don’t hurt the person. Because hating a person is not expressing yourself it is just hurting this person. Hating also takes energy and time so why wasting this by insulting others. Instead we should accept and respect each others opinons.

All in all „freedom of speech“ is a good thing as long as we treat each other with respect and accept the opinion of the other people.

Add: In my opinion Austria is a really developed country with all human rights but when it comes to freedom of speech there is a little difference. Of course you can voice your opinion but some people will criticize you for this or even try to hurt you with mean words. Nevertheless it is getting better and maybe one day you can say whatever you think without getting criticize.


Enjoy Life😋(Final Exam)

It’s a basic truism that most people are motivated by what they think will make them happy. Based on what we remember from the past what made us happy and what we predict for the future will make us happy too. We set ourselves goals and organize every second of our lives to achieve a good job, to get married, to have kids, to make a lot of money etc. But is planning ahead really nescessary??

There is a good proverb describing that we should just live today and don’t plan too much in life just be a bit more spontaneously “We live for today and assume tomorrow will take care of itself”. Meaning live in todays life and don’t think to much about what will happen tomorrow because who knows maybe tomorrow it’s all over.

Are there also consequences if you aren’t planning ahead?? Perhaps if you are to spontaneously you forget some important things like school but on the whole life is better and much more fun if you don’t plan that much.

Creating a good life for yourself is totally fine due to the fact that you should not forget about the next generation. They should have also such a perfect life as you. So do not forget about the environment because maybe if you do so there is no next generation. Also don’t forget about money which is as well an important part of our lives. To finance a good education and everything what they need for a good future.



bye bye cinema??😦

Watching movies is an amazing activity to relax for many people nowadays. After a hard-working day, what can be more satisfying than watching films at home in your bed on Netflix or Amazon Prime? But what about going to the cinema?

More and more people are buying a Netflix Account meaning they won’t go to the cinema that often. Which is a pity because the quality is much better and it’s much more relaxing due to the fact everything is organized by the cinema. They also start producing 4D films which is really cool because the films get more realistic as they have special effects.

The only problem about going to the cinema is that the ticket is quite expensive as well as popcorn and drinks. This is one reason why people start using Netflix because you pay about nine euro a month and therefore you can watch as much as you want.

But why do people still like going to the cinema? Perhaps because of the atmosphere, it is much better going with friends to the cinema than watching a film at home. it is about spending time there with the ones you really like.

E-mail to Joe📩

to: Joe

from: Kathi

Subject: Climate in Austria


Hey Joe,

As you already know I live in Austria which is a quite small country located in the centre of Europe with no access to the sea. So I thing i can give you a bit of information about our climate.

We start with spring, where the temperatures vary from  5° to 20 °, there is a lot of rainfall especially in April. Sometimes it’s also a bit windy, but most of the time the weather is ok. After that we have summer where it can get really hot up to 35°, so I’m really glade to have a lake in my hometown. Most of the time it is dry meaning hardly any rainfall. Next is autumn which is really similar to spring it could be rainy, windy and the leaves are falling off the trees. Autumn is also my favorite season because there is my birthday.😂 Winter is also one of my favorites because it gets quite cold (0°to -15°) causing the lakes to freeze and snowfall which means I can go skiing.

I hope my description was useful for your project. If you need more just tell me!


T R A V E L I N G ✈️

Traveling is an activity, which almost all people love. For some it is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday life. For others it is interesting to get to know to new cultures and new people . Some people consider it to be the best way to have fun and enjoy life.

Of course, there are people who are always unhappy with the way their life is, and they think that travelling is far away from pleasant and involves a lot of stress due to they have to pack their things, use buses, maybe meet people which are unknown to them. But fortunately, there are only few people who think so and the majority knows that traveling can be interesting, relaxing and of course exciting

As for me, I really enjoy traveling and from my point of view it is the best thing you can do to create a better life. Due to the fact you make new friends, observe new cultures and get to know to beautiful places all over the world.

My dream is to go ones to Australia with two friends of mine and explore the land, the culture and the people.  There we would like to drive around with a caravan so we can reach many places easily.

To sum up, traveling is the kind of thing nearly everyone likes. Of course there are some people who don’t like it but I think everyone has the chance to do what they want and enjoy.

Digital Footprint…👣

We all like to use the Internet and most of us couldn’t live without it. It can be entertaining, educational and of course you can easily communicate with people. However we sometimes forget how dangerous it can be. There could be some photos of  you or other stuff that you can’t      delete.

So our task was to google our names and see what happens. I personally wasn’t able to find a picture or something else of me which is to be honest  a really good feeling. Afterwards I searched pictures of my friends in the internet and could also find a few.😹